Aquaelicium Process

Aquaelicium Process


ORDC is the ray of hope in the dark
They’ve initiated plans for reducing the water shortage problem
with the help of advanced technology.
How is that even possible?
They’re making water from the ocean
free of toxic byproducts.
Salt water is impelled from the ocean or sea
and collected in the 50 to 500 million gallon pond.
These H2O molecules are further moved to the vortex.
In the vortex a quantum thermodynamic reaction takes place
to separate salt from the water.
With the help of lasers placed above the vortex
these molecules are heated up.
The direction of heat is downwards
which helps in the purification of water molecules
and separates the salt from H2O.
the vortex compels extricated salt
to settle down in the bottom
and water is forced in an upward direction
in the form of water vapor.
Where does this salt go?
the remaining extracted salt is induced back via pond
and becomes a reusable resource that can be sold.
How are these water vapors turned into water?
The water vapors are collected into another container
where they’re cooled down to obtained pure
plasma activated potable water.
This sounds interesting and helpful
This whole water cycle and the formation of fumigated water
is the solution to all water problems.
ORDC promises to deliver the best
possible solutions to all the water problems.

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