Public Notice I

Public Notice I

Inhabitants of the Earth, Children of Men, hear thine words. I, Oannes Research & Development Corp., doth hereby declare that the continent of Africa’s Atmosphere is therefore claimed as an Autonomous Administrative Division and be placed under thine own stewardship. This includes all weather & biospheres within the Atmosphere of Africa and all water content therein, moved or placed upon the Earth, until such time as this continent of Africa has been repaired.

The territory of Terra Nullius – Bir Tawil, Africa., shall be forthwith claimed as an Autonomous Administrative Division of Oannes Research & Development Corp., all lands and borders therein shall therefore be under thine direct authority and control, for the preservation of life and liberty. These lands will be used to begin operations in Africa’s Northeast and Southeast regions, there are 0 inhabitants in Bir Tawil, Africa., this here land will be made unto a Water & Energy Bank for all Africa. Be it as it may, thouest take heed, thine land of Bir Tawil, Africa, will be ruthlessly defended and cared for as thine own lands require.

Considering our Next-Generation IP and Radiant Technology, our total valuation is in the trillions USD., thouest shall remain private as to not allow darkness to dilute thine worth with their faulty weights and measures, the unscrupulous characters of the darkness cannot be trusted.

Due to various world powers’ attempts to stifle and silence this Radiant Technology from thine own citizens and the peoples of all nations suffering from drought, famine, high-energy costs, and environmental catastrophe, one must act. No longer shall this be allowed, no government or institution has the power to control and create weather phenomenon, pure water, or clean energy to this scale.

I, Oannes Research & Development Corp. hath this capability and capacity, to control and create all weather events, as well as producing clean energy on the level of 1 yottawatt-hours and enough pure water to supply any metropolis on Earth, thereby granting the ultimate authority unto thine self.

For many years thou hast labored exhaustively for these Radiant Technologies to be brought to the world for free, all to no avail it has been, the world powers have chosen to profit from death, instead of choosing to profit from life. That false wheel ends now, Oannes Research & Development Corp. has made clear thine intentions are for remediation and stabilization of the earth’s climate, now I act, now Oannes Research & Development Corp. maketh happen thine will.

This coming spring, 2023, all weather events, pure water and clean energy shall be offered, controlled, and managed by Oannes Research & Development Corp. All nations considered third world or developing will be given priority service and remediation above developed nations and individuals. This is being done to repair the balance lost by rich and poor nations, which add pain and sorrow to so many, for those in these third world nations, fear not, for this is just the passing of greed.

Our services are also free to all third world or developing nations, this will cause all external predatorial practices to cease, since now all clean energy and pure water can and will be provided to Earth’s most vulnerable inhabitants free of charge starting spring 2023. To all predatory water and energy providers and their ilk, you are officially put on notice, we now hold pure-monopoly dominion over weather, pure water, and clean energy. By the promise of these things, charlatans have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfill that promise. They never will!

A new paradigm of thinking is needed to ascend to the next level of mankind’s understanding, thouest destructive path doth naught serve thy world, if thou are to survive, thou must start thinking greater. Life can be free and beautiful, but thou hast lost thine way, thou doth not want to live by thine neighbor’s misery, thou doth want to live by thine neighbor’s happiness.

Thou art welcome, all nations, and peoples to contact Oannes Research & Development Corp. to arrange 30-day installation and lifetime-services this coming Spring, 2023, all services are free for third world and developing nations, world powers and developed nations shall be required to pay full price. Send a formal letter of intent for all services offered on our website, describing thou needs and wants for thine services and Oannes Research & Development Corp. shall proceed surely and hastily for completion of installation.

As it is said, so shall it be,

Oannes Research & Development Corp.

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