Public Notice II

Public Notice II

Oannes Research & Development Corp.
Autonomous Administrative Division decree:

Inhabitants of the Earth, Children of Men, hear thine words. I, Oannes Research & Development Corp., doth hereby decree that thine continental African capital will be founded as Ophiuchus City, Bir Tawil, Africa.

Latitude: 21° 57′ 33.59″ N
Longitude: 33° 48′ 2.99″ E

Thine foundation to the city of Ophiuchus shall be laid by Oannes Research & Development Corp., in the environmentally responsible and sustainable way our ancestors hath done, in thy names of Wisdom, Justice and Love.

All citizens of Ophiuchus, Bir Tawil will be gifted with a residence in proportion to thouest household’s size, all citizens of Ophiuchus, Bir Tawil will be offered employment within Oannes Research & Development Corp in proportion to thouest skill set.

All water and energy will be provided at no-cost to resident citizens and businesses of Ophiuchus, Bir Tawil, with complete respect to the sacredness of nature regarding its use and the effects upon this here land of Bir Tawil, thou shalt not let blood and tears rule thee, thou shalt let milk and honey be thine way.

So it is said, So shall it be,

Oannes Research & Development Corp.

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