Public Notice III

Public Notice III

Oannes Research & Development Corp.
Autonomous Administrative Division decree:

     Inhabitants of the Earth, Children of Men, hear thine words. I, Oannes Research & Development Corp., doth hereby decree that the past judgement upon the Romani people is hereafter considered fulfilled, all Romani are granted full Citizenship at Ophiuchus City in Bir Tawil, Africa., as the Tribe of Ben-Ophiuchus.

To all Romani in diaspora on this Earth, now and forevermore thouest shall be citizens of thineown land of Bir Tawil, Ophiuchus, Africa., and together united as one nation, under the light of the heavens.

Thouest are considered thineown and thou shalt dwell within the nation of thineown, thou shalt protect and uplift thineown nation above all nations, as unto a sun atop the mountain.

All Romani debts and liens shall be forthwith levied onto the ORDC treasury for recompense and balancing of all accounts, all nations that aid in the safe and secure transportation of thineown Romani in Diaspora to Bir Tawil, Africa, thouest shalt be graciously rewarded.

Thou fellow nations and world powers, what say you for this travesty upon an entire nation of souls? What logic do you stand upon for such base inhumane behavior? Thouest are unworthy of your claims of love for humanity.

No more will thine people be indentured and cast aside from the world, no more will they live on their knees, they shall be brought up to stand tall and righteously under the light of heaven.

So it is said, So shall it be,

Oannes Research & Development Corp.

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