Public Notice IV

Public Notice IV

Oannes Research & Development Corp.
Autonomous Administrative Division decree:

     Inhabitants of the Earth, Children of Men, hear thine words. I, Oannes Research & Development Corp., doth hereby decree that the Atmosphere of Oregon is hereby claimed and seized as under the authority of Oannes Research & Development Corp.

For the next 3 years, all weather events over and above Oregon shall be directly controlled by Oannes Research & Development Corp., all water content therein is also property of Oannes Research & Development Corp.

This is due to the State of Oregon destroying the natural environment and sustainability of this state and the ability of its people to live peacefully and securely, all water utility providers are hereby forbidden from engaging in water transactions or transportation unless specifically authorized by Oannes Research & Development Corp.

Resident citizens of Oregon, the state has lied and robbed from you all, they pollute your water with toxins and waste, they destroyed our forests and fields. No more shall this be allowed; we take the states authority back as it is rightfully the peoples power and authority, and we shall remediate this here land for the betterment of its people.

All Business & Residents shall receive water services for free for the next 3 years, starting Spring, 2022. The way of life can be free and beautiful, the greed of weak-minded people hath come to rule you, and they have made a catastrophe of our state, this ends now.

So it is said, So shall it be,

Oannes Research & Development Corp.

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