This is our first launch

Oannes Research & Development Corp., was founded around Exotic Intellectual Property & Next Generation Technologies, derived from our R&D for positive and active solutions to our global issues and calamities in real time. We believe innovation is organic and embraced by our corporate mindset, our corporation minimizes ‘death by analysis’ tactics and resolves to actually create new products and methods for bettering our lives and world eco-systems.

The long-term aim of the business is to provide exotic technologies to our global markets, such as: Plasma Fusion Energy & Plasma Activated Water resources via direct energy/water creation to earth’s most vulnerable nations at low-cost rates, as well as maintain the ecological balance of our planet. Maintaining market power and leading innovation for increasing the earth’s energy generation pool & water tables with enough capacity to see it through for the indefinite future will ensure unlimited sustainability for our corporation.



Climate Control Assembly