This is our first launch

Oannes Research & Development Corp. is a startup climate control manufacturing business. Its owner has invented the world’s first effective water making machine, which is capable of transforming deserts into productive farmland and providing as much water as is needed for population growth. The owner began designing the machine in 2018 and finally perfected the design in 2020. The invention is patented and insured.

The long-term aim of the business is to provide water resources via direct water creation to earth’s most water vulnerable nations at low cost rates as well as maintain the ecological balance of our planet. Maintaining market power and leading innovation for increasing the earth’s water tables and capacity into the indefinite future will ensure unlimited sustainability to the corporation.



Climate Control Assembly

Initial Pre-approval

National (US)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. State Department


Department of Agriculture – SWCD and Weather Modification Programs


Department of Energy

Engineering and Land Surveying Department

Environmental Health Registration Board

Department of Environmental Quality

Department of Human Services, Land Conservation and Development

Department of Water Resources