This is our first launch

Oannes Research & Development Corp is a business focused on Advanced Technology and Type-1 Civilization Level products, this is displayed in the innovative and intellectual property held by our corporation. Its R&D Laboratories have invented the world’s first effective Plasma Vapor Engine as a stable and scalable fusion power device, with energy produced up-to 1 yottawatt-hours and water making machine, which transforms salt water into water vapor and then collects and recondenses the vapor into water, providing as much water as is needed for population growth.

Furthermore the invention has been presented to and received initial pre-approval from the following government entities: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U. S. Department of Commerce, the U. S. State Department, and the following agencies in the State of Oregon: the Department of Agriculture – SWCD and Weather Modification Programs, OSHA, Department of Energy, Engineering and Land Surveying Department, Environmental Health Registration Board, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Human Services, Land Conservation and Development, and the Department of Water Resources. Potential installation sites have also been investigated.

Our Mission


We at Oannes Research & Development Corp., wholeheartedly believe that our actions have profound effects upon our world and that by reestablishing the harmony of humanity and nature is the best way for our species to heal our world and reach for higher knowledge and innovation. Bringing back our symbiotic relationship to this beautiful earth, that is our mission.


Open communication and dialogue between all people is paramount to the mission of Oannes Research & Development Corp. The harmony between humanity and nature is not possible without the input of diverse voices, and we strive to amplify those voices through our technology in order to help restore biodiversity in our natural environments.


Storm Breaker: Familia Primum
Storm Breaker’s main focus is the safety of ORDC and the families within the corporation. We stand ready to provide assistance, maintain protection and security for what we cherish most. We strive for excellence in every interaction with our assets.
Prior military experience helps prepare our agents for the rigorous task that comes with safeguarding the families of Oannes Research & Development Corp. Storm Breaker’s pride themselves on awareness, professionalism and valor.

Upcoming Projects


Climate Control Assembly