Climate Control Assembly

The Aquaelicium (Latin: “calling the waters”) which sought to produce rain in times of drought. During the ceremony, the pontifices had the stone brought from its usual resting place, the Temple of Mars in Clivo near the Porta Capena, into the Senate. Offerings were made to Jupiter petitioning for rain, and water was ceremonially poured over the stone.

Background to its development: This novel product was invented to correct a planetary discrepancy, benefit humanity’s need for clean potable water, and to bring rejuvenation to parched or desert land regions.

Prior to embodiments of the disclosed invention, drought was an environmental horror that was being compounded daily. Famine, desertification and hydro-logical collapse were all real threats to human lives. Embodiments of the disclosed invention solve these problems.

Unlike desalination, the Aquaelicium cycle is an artificial copy of earths natural system, using high technology and high strength materials, a quantum thermodynamic reaction is initiated and concludes with water vapor being created and captured, all in a controlled method process.

Aquaelicium Process

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