Constructive Spectral Resonance Mobile Emitter

Wavelength. Anion. Aqueous. Anomaly. Spectrum.

Available Models

Constructive Spectral Resonance Mobile Emitter

(DE radial identification ingress receptor/mimics resonant signal of targets within radial identification sphere/establish 1~3, 1~6, 1~9 signal/reconstructing all paired target signals. Hand Key controller.

• repair human flesh,
• Induced skin growth,
• mold metals and elements,
• repair DNA,
• reverse blindness permanently,
• hold,
• rotate,
• envelope,
• reconfigure,
• repair large organs,
• repair small organs,
• strengthen bones,
• Reverse paralysis,
• Denial field generation,
• repair interior flow processes,
• reconstitute lost or mangled limbs through Induced growth internally,
• electronic coupling,
• terrestrial coupling,
• repair brain signal waves,
• cyber coupling,
• astronomical coupling.